Lady godiva coffee and tea

Trust in our Lady to bring you fantastic coffee at fantastic prices, great for festivals, private parties, and Weddings!

From Renaissance Festivals to Crossfit tournaments, our Lady has seen and served it all, and we’d love to take care of you and your guests as well!

Our starting prices are dependent on the nature of the event hosted, so if you have any questions please shoot us an email at! But to make planning a large event a little easier, we’ve provided “ballpark” packages for your consideration:

Event TypePrice
Weddings“Open Bar” style$300 down plus $50 per hour after 3 hours
FestivalsIndividual sales$50 or Coverage of Entry fee
School EventsReduced price individual sales$100 down plus $50 per hour after 2 hours
Private Parties“Open Bar” Style$100 down plus $5 per guest over 20
FundraisersIndividual sales with cut for nonprofit$50 down