There are plenty of things I love to do in my free time; bake for my family’s cafe, practice my bass, run down to the lake for a swim, or a million other things. But two of my favorite things to do are cast resin and sew!

Some of my recent accomplishments

Resin casting is a chemical process in which one uses two parts of a compound in combination to make a quick setting plastic. This can be used to create just about anything from flowers preserved in coasters to costume pieces. But my all time favorite thing to cast are dice! Every shape, number, and color are available when you create them yourself.

A prom dress I fitted for my younger cousin, the dress it’s self is from dirt cheep!

Sewing is yet another pastime I enjoy, although this one is fairly common in comparison. I would even go so far as to say that in theory everyone knows how to do it. I happen to have a specialty for historical period clothing, prom dresses, and wedding dresses. As some people in my family have put it “if it has a skirt, Gracie can probably fix it!” and while I appreciate the high praise, its a bit of a stretch.